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Accurate Auto. Diluting System

Accurate Auto. Diluting System
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Equipment is to be blending pure water with chemical liquid.

High Accurate Diluting by mixing

  • With high performance of Inverter control, capacity of pump outlet is always monitored.
  • Stable dilution is made by using feed-back system connected to high accurate controller. for delivery capacity of the pump.
  • Available widely setting for dilution ratio(Mixing ratio)
  • Stable high accurate dilution (mixing) can be obtain with automatic control of flow amount of pure mineral water

Equipping with variegated Options

  • Indication of integrated flow amount for both of the pure mineral water and chemical liquid.
  • With adding of the printer, auto recording of used amount etc. are included
  • Performance of stable dilution is obtained with using the static mixer together with the dynamic mixer
  • Sanitary specification is applied for its piping and its auxiliary etc.
  • With transmission signal added ,remote monitoring record can be adopted


<Conventional type>

Diluted by hand using a measure.

  • It's an inaccuracy way because constant certain amount is made at one
  • time and unable to make up decreased amount from daily use.
  • From which, two containers are requested.

Conventional type

<Auto. Dilution Equipment>

Auto. Dilution Equipment

Application Example

  • Food Field
    Dressing, manufacturing each kind of gravy,sauce and mixing of soy.
  • Chemical Field
    Diluting for each kind of medical medicine,and mixing (for Paint, adhesive etc.)
  • Industries Field
    Alumina + water = polishing powder
  • Textile Field
    Mixing, diluting of dyestuff at chromosome time

Latest reference of new products

Delivery results has recorded about 10 units supplied. ( Until 2012/Oct )


In case of inquiry about more detailed specifications (such as outline drawing or its capacity)


*This specifications may be subject to change without any notice