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Conhira One (FOU Series)

Conhira One
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A particular of the Fuel Oil Supply Module( as Unit), Brand name: CONHIRA ONE is that was developed in May 2002 in response to the need of shipyard's and machineries makers' s to be made as a set of Fuel Oil Supply Unit as a compact unit consisting of these auxiliary machines being arranged in between the fuel oil service tank and diesel engine, and getting high popular as a Labor-saving equipment unit.

There's 7 merits made by CONHIRA ONE

  • Cut down Expenses
    Simplifying outfitting works of auxiliaries in engine room. With uniting auxiliaries, its outfitting work in shipyard becomes a very simple.
  • Handling becomes in simple at purchasing work
    With purchasing collectively, no need of purchasing individual auxiliaries of the unit.
  • Reduce operation engineering fee.
    Total operation management can be done without arranging from their maker.
  • Simplifying meeting.
    Our company can accept for the matter requested without calling or arranging maker being related.
  • Reduce design work hours
    With using the drawing of uniting auxiliary which is our scope of supply, demanding hours for design, in the shipyard becomes lower.
  • Maintenance
    All maintenance work is belong to our scope, so that no need of this related work.
  • Operability
    With using the Unit, simple operation is resulted from easy handling of each auxiliary.

To move and set up each machine on board

To set up each machin as one unit in factort

Option Work

As a measure of removing Alumina, Silica, to use OMEGA Fire with additional use of NAG Micro Filter, and can also be using of 3rd Strainer fitting in line.

Omega Fire

In order to improving fuel oil, as there are various machineries provided. Our OMEGA FIRE is a product which was designed more stress on the its「performance, cost, safety aspect」 and pursuit it consistently. View price wise and safety design. points of getting high performance effect, attractive

Micro Filter

MICRO FILTER is of a cartridge type filter, therefore, possible to accurate filtration with no back wash work, nor waste oil arise.

Latest reference of new products

About 1000 units (Until 2012 Oct) supplied including a subsidiary Co. in China.


In case of inquiry about more detailed specifications (such as outline drawing or its capacity)


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