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Micro Filter NAG type

Micro Filter NAG type
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In response to the requirement to eliminating such as Alumina, Silica in the fuel oil,
actualizing filtration size of 5μ, 10μ, 15μ, which was difficult to make by the Notch wire type and Wire mesh type!

Accurate Filtration size

For Fuel oil, Standard Size is 5μ, 10μ, 15v and for Lub. Oil is of 1μ, 3μ

Merit of Introduction

  • As volumetric type filter(strainer), no back washing oil exists there.
    Therefore, sludge treatment device is not required.
  • The sludge in the oil is to be cached by Felt element, and only exchanging work with new one is needed.

Sectional drawing of Filter

Application Example

  • Filtration for Marine Fuel oil and Lubrication oil
  • Filtration for Fuel oil for Industrial use
  • And for other Equipments

Latest reference of new products

Delivery results has recorded about 400 units supplied.( Until 2012/Oct)
Remaining alumina and silica in bunker fuel causes damages on engine and increases maintenance cost and exchange of parts. Countermeasure for this is combination of NAG and Omega Fire EN


In case of inquiry about more detailed specifications (such as outline drawing or its capacity)


*This specifications may be subject to change without any notice