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OMEGA F.O. System

OMEGA F.O. System
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Omega F.O System was developed as a countermeasure equipment for eliminating Alumina, Silica being contained in Marine Fuel Oil. It was so designed to be used with very easily and safely in handling operation, and with almost maintenance free, which have been verified by actual using result on boards. The Omega F.O System is consisted of an Omega Fire, which is pulverizing sludge which was grown and formed in the oil and of a Micro Filter which has fine filtrating element to catch sludge kind of Alumina, Silica of less than 20 micron.

Two Power Ability at Work

With using our two equipment's of Micro Filter and Omega Fire together, which are having its own character, arranged on Fuel Oil supply line before Diesel Engine, the number of maintenance work of the Engine have been so much reduced that the maintenance expenses could be deservedly saved.

What Omega Fire is ;


This is to make a grease like sludge into liquid and make a molecule such a cluster parts more micron, and with using this equipment before the Oil Purifier, its eliminating rate of such Alumina, Silica is increased. resulted. From which less maintenance such overhauling will be overhauling maintenance will be resulted. Further more, in case of using it before Micro Filter, exchanging interval of the element can be extended. largely.

What Micro Filter is ;

MICRO Filter

To accurately filtrating in micron unit (5μ、10μ、15μ). With using Omega Fire together, the expense of Engine maintenance will be reduced. As the volumetric type element is used, no back washing oil, nor washing oil circulation are exist, then also a incineration is not need.


Selection Table

System Engine Power MAX Micro Filter Omega Fire
OFS5 4000 1400 NAG-7JH SM-500
OFS10 8000 2800 NAG-14JH SM-1000
OFS15 12000 4400 NAG-22JH EN-1000


  • Having superior in safety and easier operation way, resulting realization its almost maintenance free.
  • Saving its maintenance expense from reducing number of maintenance works.
  • Micro Filter is of volumetric type which is no need of washing treatment.

Application Example

Application Example

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Delivery results has recorded about 140 units (supplied. Until 2012/Oct )


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